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2 thoughts on “Bier-Freunde & Links”

  1. Hi there!
    I’m from the company iKegger, we started in Australia but have opened a warehouse in Berlin and now I am coming up to explore the craft beer scene in Hamburg.
    I was up there briefly a couple of weeks ago and loved the city.
    Was wondering if you had any recommendations of places to go. beers to try when i am back there in 2 weeks?
    If you are interested in doing any collaboration let us know too, we support all kinds of craft beer events as we love the crowd of people involved!


    1. Hello Dave,
      thanks for your message! Yes, indeed, we have several recommendations for beerloving people in Hamburg. Our second living room Malto for example. It’s in Altona near St. Pauli. Or Bar Oorlam. Alles Elbe or Brew Dog. Circle8 or Landgang. Perhaps we drink one or two beers together when you are in town? Cheers, Regine & Stefan

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